How R / c Flyer's 3rd-Generation Head Reinvented His Family's Renowned Model

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It can be difficult to get inexpensive transportation while studying. Between the price of publications, courses, preparation, meals and shenanigans, it's often difficult to finance your Jeep, 15 years old. Despite this, visit a school like Ga Technology and you have many school resources to remedy this dilemma. . . be a welding and metal torch. Anyway, the creators of the invention thought that we would like to take a tricycle R / c Brochure and convert it to "trikesaw" pushed by a chainsaw. Just after reinvigorating the frame, welded on a kinematic chain, assembled with the serp and stuck to his feet, Little Tikes tricycles at tricyclesguide the inventors were ready to head for the main streets with higher education. Although the technology was small, it appears to be a worn cotton lumberjack, as the tricycle driver applies to a dying handgrip for the chainsaw to slope down. The technology is surprisingly well integrated and seems to work effectively. . . In addition to some small problems like tire problems. Smart students appear other tips on short-distance travel. At the end of the video, the trikesaw is joined by a Minor Tikes gas car. . . which seems equally risky. I guess longboards are not the perfect way to have fun. Long Clever Georgia Tech life gas toys. .

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