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This metallica 2-day pass at the Glendale State Farm Stadium Minneapolis concert was a truly incredible experience. From the moment we entered the stadium, the atmosphere was electric. The energy of the crowd was palpable and the stage was set for an amazing performance.
the band was in top form, with all members playing their respective parts with great skill. The songs were all performed with passion and energy, and the sound was clear and powerful. The sound engineer did a great job in capturing the band s sound and filling the stadium with it.
the visuals were also amazing, with the light show being truly spectacular. The audience was captivated by the lights, and it truly added to the experience.
the band interacted with the crowd throughout the performance, which was a nice touch. The crowd was completely engaged, singing along to the lyrics and cheering throughout the night.
overall, this was a great show and I highly recommend attending if you ever get the chance. Metallica put on a great show and the 2-day pass was definitely worth it.